Affirm (Checkout Champ)

Step 1: Login and navigate to the funnel on which to add Affirm

Step 2: Click the gear button on the top left to open Settings

Step 3: Open the Payments section

Step 4: Add new Affirm gateway credentials

  1. Enter a Gateway Title to easily identify the Affirm account. Then add the public_api_key and private_api_key for your Affirm account. It is suggested to keep the Limits blank due to the fact that rates are established with each merchant though their agreement with Affirm.

  2. Be sure to enter a Mid# and an accurate Descriptor value. The Descriptor is sent to Affirm during transaction processing.

Step 5: Save and Continue

Step 6: Edit Checkout page and add Affirm button




Step 6-2: Customize button size by clicking on the button and dragging the highlighted corners or use the Dimension tab for advanced edits. Under the Settings for the element, be sure the Action is set to Submit + Route




Step 6-1(radio): Add a radio button to the page. You may design this to your preference.



Step 6-2(radio): Select the radio button and change the settings so the Name is “payment_method”. This may also be used with the payment toggler by setting the name to “fk-payment-option-toggler“. Then set the Value of the radio button to the name of the pay source in all caps.


Use either all buttons or radios for pay source selection to mitigate any conflicts


Step 7: Save the page. Exit the page builder.

Step 8: Choose the Affirm button on the arrow leaving the checkout page.

If you offer affirm as a payment option you must route the customer directly to the thank you page after purchase. They do not allow for upsell processing.

Step 9: Publish. You’re done and ready to test!