Kount Enterprise

Konnektive clients can enable the original Kount plugin to utilize Kount’s Enterprise account tier.

After a Kount Enterprise account is generated (Ask Konnektive Rep for application details), you will receive a login to Kount.

The Kount UI provides full reporting on all transactions and rules triggered. Rules can be created to your own discretion and will be used across all Konnektive campaigns where Kount is enabled.

To add Kount Enterprise to your Konnektive instance, navigate to Admin → Plugins → Fraud Services to find the Kount plugin.

If you would like to use Kount through Konnektive’s Fraud Manager please follow this link.

Enter in the merchantId and ApiKey, acquired from Kount.

UseTestingServer = sends transactions to Kount’s testing server

Campaign4Source = sends the Konnektive campaignId as the SITE parameter to Kount.

Site IDs can be used to logically organize or segregate data by Site. Site IDs must defined manually in the Kount backend before they can be used and they must match exactly for the transactions to be screened by Kount

(SITE = website identifier of where the order originated) i.e. “KV-[campaignID]”

Note: For affiliates sending the amountPaid value, check the option for “Fire Pixels on QA Approval,” due to screened orders going to “PENDING” status.

Once the plugin is added, navigate to CRM → Campaigns and edit your campaign. Inside the “Other Options” section of the campaigns General Details you will enable the “Screen with Kount?” option.

After this is enabled please BE SURE to place the Data Device Pixel onto your landing pages so Kount can receive more data for screening.

Orders placed into Review must be manually evaluated in Konnektive or Kount. If evaluated in Konnektive then Kount is automatically updated. If you prefer to evaluate in Kount then you need to enable notifications on your Kount account.

  • Login to Kount

  • Go to Fraud Control > Websites

  • Click the cog icon to the right of the website and select Edit

  • Enter Merchant ENS URL = https://api.konnektive.com/kount/