Under Admin → Plugins → Fulfillment House Listing, locate and activate the ShipStation plugin tile.

includeMidInfo - Sends mid name
omitPhoneEmail - Will prevent the CRM from sending the customer's contact info
omitOrderValue - Will prevent the CRM from sending the value of the order
includeSubscriptonInfo - Will send the billing cycle number for that fulfillment
noCancelOnVoid - If a transaction is voided, the CRM will not cancel the fulfillment if it is already in Pending status
AddressValidation - Will validate the address before sending the fulfillment

noTrackingProductTag - A product tag associated with orders that should be marked as “SHIPPED” without tracking numbers
includeCustomFieldInfo - Will send custom fields for that fulfillment
sendShipDetails - Will get carrier and service codes
sendPaymentMethod - send the order payment method with the fulfillment
updateAddress - Will get the address and update it in the CRM
Disable shipping validation with carrier - Will force the orders directly into shipped status upon receiving the tracking number. *Orders will not move to Delivered status

  • To find API Key and API Secret

    • Login to ShipStation and using the navigation menu on the left, select Account → API Settings


  • To find Store ID

    • Inside of ShipStation, create a Selling Channel using the ShipStation option.


Konnektive’s integration does NOT use the Custom Store option because Konnektive reaches out to ShipStation’s API to post orders/updates and pull tracking numbers in. The Custom Store option makes it so ShipStation reaches out to Konnektive to create/update orders and send tracking information, which is not how the integration is built out.

In the “Setup Marketplace Connection” window - provide a name for your store which will be easy for you to identify.


Next, enter this URL into the address bar of your browser, replacing the [APIKey] with your ShipStation API Key and replacing the [APISecret] with your ShipStation API Secret:[APIKey]&password=[APISecret]


If a window pops up, enter your API Key and API Secret into the form and proceed to Log In:


After you log in you should see each of your ShipStation stores and their storeIds. Grab the storeId you intend to use for Konnektive and enter this into your ShipStation plugin.

This is an example. Your storeId will be different than the ones you see in this screenshot.


The plugin setup is now complete and you can proceed to test the integration by following this document: