No card details are stored for merchants using Affirm's Payment Gateway

Affirm will only work for one-time purchases, it will NOT work for recurring billing/subscriptions. Affirm does not support One-click Upsells.

Affirm will work with Form-code and landers that connect to Konnektive via Direct API. This will NOT work with Order Entry.


Konnektive setup

Go to Gateways | Gateway Integrations and select the Affirm button. Then click on +Activate.

Enter the following information specific to Affirm:

  • public_api_key - Obtained from Affirm

  • private_api_key - Obtained from Affirm

Click the green Create Gateway button to save your changes and create the gateway


Konnektive setup

Assign the gateway to campaign products



Checkout page setup

A checkout page should be secure HTTPS. A non-secured call to the Affirm gateway will be rejected.

Pass paySource=PREPAID and prepaidType=AFFIRM on the import order API call from your checkout page. Do not pass any other card information.

One option is to use hidden input fields on the page

<input type="hidden" name='paySource' value="PREPAID"> <input type='hidden' name='prepaidType' value='AFFIRM'>

Alternatively, you can pass in the forceMerchantId parameter in the order import api call. Note that this will only work for one time sales, it will not work with recurring transactions.

For more info on the api call, please refer to our API Documentation.


Our integration to Affirm does support the use of their Authorization system, however the Campaign Shipping Setting: Capture On Shipment must be enabled for this function to work. Once the fulfillment records are marked in a shipped status the Capture action will initiate.

In the API order import call please pass in the Transaction ID from the Authorization on Affirm’s end using the parameter: “preAuthMerchantTxnId”

Step 4

Affirm has 2 required values which will be supplied by our system when following directions below:

Import images onto your products in the Base Product list. Accessed by going to: CRM-> Products
(doing this will allow our system to supply the ‘item_image_url’ to Affirm, which is required)

Secondly, you will need to pass in this parameter on each Affirm Import Order call: “errorRedirectsTo”
(doing this will allow our system to supply the ‘item_url’ to Affirm, which is required)

If these two steps are not taken, Invalid Request responses will be received when attempting a sale.