Step 1

The NoFraud plugin can be found by navigating to Admin > Plugins > Fraud Services.

Click the green Activate button.


Step 2

Enter the ApiKey from your NoFraud account

Choose to optionally screen repeat customers

Click the green Connect button


Step 3

Go to CRM > Campaigns and edit any campaign on which to screen with NoFraud. Check the box and press Update. New orders on this campaign will be screened automatically.

Step 4

New sales will be approved or rejected by NoFraud. NoFraud may also place an order in Review status. An order in Review will be authorized at the gateway and then captured if the Review is approved. All reviews must be done in NoFraud. Login to your NoFraud account to evaluate.

The Review process requires a webhook to be setup with NoFraud. The webhook allows the transaction to be finalized (captured) in Konnektive.

In Konnektive go to Admin > Plugins > Fraud Services. Edit the NoFraud plugin. Copy the webhook url. Submit this to NoFraud and request that a POST webhook be created to that url. Specify that the POST message must have transactionId (NoFraud’s id) and status (pass, fail, fraudulent) in the body.


Step 5

To get the most out of NoFraud you must place the device javascript on your checkout page(s). The script is available on the Integrations tab in your NoFraud account and copied here. Replace the ##### in the below script with your account value.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>


Transactions screened by NoFraud may be retrieved using the Transaction Query API with the parameter: fraudPlugin=NOFRAUD

Note: For affiliates sending the amountPaid value, check the option for “Fire Pixels on QA Approval,” due to screened orders going to “PENDING” status.