Affiliate Pixels

Adding Affiliate Pixels

  • After setting up your campaign, creating an affiliate and adding the affiliate to the campaign, you can then add the affiliate’s pixels.

Note: Pixels are campaign-specific, so you must add the affiliate to a campaign before a pixel can be created.

1) Go to the Affiliate Edit Page (CRM->Affiliates->edit button->Pixels tab) and click the green + button.


2) The Create Pixel form will popup.


Campaign: Select the campaign that the pixel should fire on

Test Link: Fill in the affiliate test link. This is a link provided by the affiliate to test the pixel which will redirect to your website with generated test passed values.

Commission Type: Choose Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost Per Click (CPC).

Note: Pixels will NOT fire on prepaid cards by default.

Fire After Page (CPA Pixels): For CPA pixels, you can have one pixel for the main offer and one for each upsell per campaign. You can create a pixel for each upsell that you want to send the conversion for.

Pixel Type: Choose either Postback, Image (form-code only), or Iframe (form-code only)

Note: Only Postback pixels can be used with direct API integrations. All types can be used with Konnektive form-code integrations.

Postback Url / Image Tag / Iframe: Place the pixel into this field

If you need to fire both an image pixel and an iframe pixel on the main offer (step 1), add the HTML for both pixels into a single pixel configuration.

At this time, it is not possible to fire a postback and image pixel simultaneously. In most cases however, you can ask your affiliate network to provide an image pixel replacement for the postback.

Click the green Create Pixel button

You will be able to see the added pixel in the table.

Test a Pixel

Step 1) Open the Affiliate Test Link in a new window or tab and place a test order using the Konnektive test card.

Note: You can test pixels using the affiliate test link and the Konnektive test card (0000000000000000 with cvv 100 and any current/future expiration date).

Step 2) Find the completed order in the CRM and view the Order Details page. - Click 'View Details' in the Details panel next to the Pixels label.

Note: The Konnektive test card will fire pixels, but orders placed with the test card will not display in the Affiliate Report.

Step 3) Fired pixels will display. - A response will display for postback pixels.