NMI - useCustomerVault Configuration

Requirement for mids using MCC 5968

How to enable Customer Vault

Notice: If you are moving from Meritus, Paysafe, Inovio, or any other gateway Please follow the below Steps (Sections 1, 2 and 3). If you are already on NMI or Paysafe NMI please see Section 2 of this document.

To enable "Customer Vault" inside of NMI please follow the required 2 steps:

Step 1.

  • Log into NMI and have "Customer Vault" enabled on their back-end.

Step 2.

_Notice: In "Step 2" it is required that you apply these steps to all of Username(s) (Including API Username) that was created inside of your NMI account.

  • Located in NMI> Go to Settings
  • Click User Accounts.
  • Edit/Create the API Username.
  • Check the box next to Access the Customer Vault and update. You will see the letter "L" in the Permissions.

After Customer Vault is enabled inside of NMI and "Access the Customer Vault" is checked in the API username located inside of NMI User Accounts log into Konnektive CRM to Create the NMI Mid and Enable "Customer Vault" inside of your NMI Mid.

  • Go to Merchants> MID List> Click on the smaller Green + Button. (Create New Mid).

Once on the Create New Mid page do the following:

  • Select NMI from the Gateway drop down menu.

Input these Required Credentials issued by NMI inside of the NMI Mid Setup Page

  • username
  • password

Note: processorId is only required if there are multiple NMI Mids under the same username and password.

  • Enable "Customer Vault" inside of Konnektive by checking the box next to "useCustomerVault".

  • Click on the Green Create MID Button to save these settings.


Once the NMI MID is created and Customer Vault is enbabled, please test the Mid.

  • Go to Customer> Order Entry and run a "Test Transaction" on a "Live Card" for $1.00.


Note: If you are replacing old mids with new mids that require Customer Vault, please disable the old Mids once the new mids are tested.  Also check your Recycle Billing setup and make sure the new Mids are listed and remove the old Mids.