Save Rack

Under Admin → Plugins → Fulfillment House Listing, locate and activate the Save Rack plugin tile.

includeMidInfo - Sends mid name
omitPhoneEmail - Will prevent the CRM from sending the customer's contact info
omitOrderValue - Will prevent the CRM from sending the value of the order
includeSubscriptonInfo - Will send the billing cycle number for that fulfillment
noCancelOnVoid - If a transaction is voided, the CRM will not cancel the fulfillment if it is already in Pending status
AddressValidation - Will validate the address before sending the fulfillment
includeCustomFieldInfo - Will send custom fields for that fulfillment
sendShipDetails - Will get carrier and service codes
updateAddress - Will get the address and update it in the CRM
Disable shipping validation with carrier - Will force the orders directly into shipped status upon receiving the tracking number. *Orders will not move to Delivered status


When your plugin setup is complete, you can proceed to test the integration by following this document: