Under Fulfillment → Fulfillment Houses, locate and activate the DesktopShipper plugin tile. Click on the tile and Activate the plugin.

token - The API token given to you by DesktopShipper.
profileId - The Id number of the profile set up in DesktopShipper. This is optional. Enter one of the values in the list at the bottom.
Return Address (Optional) - The return address for where the products should be returned upon an RMA. This address can be sent to the customers via our RMA autoresponder.
Disable shipping validation with carrier - Will force the orders directly into shipped status upon receiving the tracking number. *Orders will not move to Delivered status

Getting, Activating, and Viewing your API Token

  • Email to get an API token.

    • Once you have received your token, you must Authorize it through DesktopShipper. Login to your Desktop Shipper account.

Click on the green Authorize button at the top of the page.


In the window that shows up, under Bearer, enter "Bearer {token}" into the textbox. For example if your token is "1234" enter " Bearer 1234". Then click "Authorize".


If you ever need to view your API token again, navigate to “Manage your Users” → “API


The plugin setup is now complete and you can proceed to test the integration by following this document: