Merge Existing Customers

This functionality allows existing customers with the same email address or phone number to be merged into one customer.

A new order will be automatically associated to an existing customer during order processing if the order’s emailAddress or phoneNumber value matches to that of an existing customer, AND the firstName or lastName value also matches.

The new order will always create a new, separate customer if the disableCustomerDedup parameter is sent with the value “1” on the Import Lead or Import Order API call.


  1. To be able to see and use the Merge Customers button, you will need to first enable the Merge Customers functionality for the user from the Edit User page.

  2. From the Customer Details page, you will see a Merge button ONLY if another customer with the same email or phone is found for the current customer.

  3. Click the Merge button.

  4. Select all customers to be merged into the current customer.

  5. Update any info as needed that will be the final combined customer info on the current customer. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Shopping Cart Account Login and Password, Custom 1-5 values, Do Not Sell Name, SMS Contact, and Credit Amount can be updated.

  6. Click Merge.

  7. Click Yes, I’m Sure if you are sure you want to merge the customers.


  8. All orders, transactions, fulfillments, purchases, memberships, and customer history from the selected customers will be merged into the current customer.

  9. The page will refresh, and you will be able to see the all the orders on the current page when the merge has been completed.

Only merge customers if you are absolutely sure! This action CANNOT be undone!