Continuity Purchase Profile

This is the section within the customer profile is where you would handle changes to a recurring order. It can be found within a customer’s profile by clicking the Continuity tab and opening their purchase:

This profile page gives a lot of choice to edit a customer’s recurring product:

Purchase Details:

  • Order: The Order Id

  • Order Date: The date when the customer ordered this product

  • Product: The product attached to the recurring. * The product can be changed here

  • Quantity: How much of the product they are receiving every cycle

  • Billing Type: Whether its recurring or one time

  • Status: Starts as a Trial and will change to Active after the 2nd successful billing

  • Trial Type: Standard or Accelerated

  • Final Bill Cycle: If there is already a cycle that the customer is supposed to stop at Next Bill

  • Billing Cycle: The cycle the customer is currently on

  • Merchant: The merchant account the product will bill on next

  • Next Bill Date: The upcoming date they will get billed

  • Price: How much they will pay for the product in the next cycle

  • Shipping: The price they will pay for shipping on the next cycle

  • Sales Tax:

    • Auto: The system will automatically generate the tax

    • Custom: You can input a specific sales tax amount

  • Insure Shipment: The option to add insurance on the product when shipped

  • Actions:

  • Update Purchase: This needs to be clicked to accept any changes made within the "Purchase Details" and "Next - Bill" or the changes won't be saved

  • Restart Trial: If customer is being allowed to restart the trial from day 1

  • Skip Trial: Customer will skip trial and go into Cycle 2

  • Cancel Subscription: If customer wants to cancel the subscription for this product

  • Force Bill NOW: Will force the Next Bill Date and bill immediately

  • Change Product: When a product is changed, so are the product's details such as pricing, merchant, and etc. If you don't want to change the products details but just the product, select 'No' on the pop up dialog and 'Yes' to change the product and the products details. None of the product's details are changed if the product is a straight sale.

Note: if something is hard set on the page (ie. Billing Type, Trial Type) it cannot be edited.

Below the purchase updater, you will see the History of the customer, the Transaction history, and the Fulfillment history for this product:

  • History : Any changes or occurrences that have happened within this recurring profile

  • Transactions - All the transactions in relation to this product including declines

  • Fulfillment - All fulfillment history this customer has with this product as well as the status of their most recent order