To process Email Marketing Campaigns with Send Grid Service > Follow these steps

1. Signup and create new account at > this will store your SendGrid userid, password and APIKey

  • In main menu Click on APIKey to view the key > you will need this key to setup Send Grid in Konnektive CRM

2. Select Marketing > Contacts Click on Add List or Segment > Manuel Add to create a new contact list file for your Campaigns > Add New

  • You can add more contact list files in the future but you must have at least one to start

  • Enter a name for this list, your first name, your last name, and email address > Save

3. Setup a Campaign

  • Select Marketing > Campaign > Create Campaign > Template > Save and Update

  • In Lists/Segments to Send To > Select the list you created in step 2 > Complete the Campaign Page > Save

4. Set up in Konnektive CRM

  • Select Admin > Plugins > Go to Email Service Providers > Select Send Grid from the list > Activate

  • Enter the APIKey from step 1 > Connect

  • Click Edit PluginAdd Route

  • Send Grid Campaigns show up as Campaign NameList Number > Select one > Create