Red Crane Media

Go to Admin | Plugins | List Management Servicesselect Red Crane Media and then click the green +Activate button.

The Phone Number is already checked. Click the blue Update Button to export your data to Red Crane Media:

The Red Crane Media List Management Services Plug-in consist of four processes that exports partials, cancels, rebills, and new sales to Red Crane Media.

- Legacy Data Export - The first process is a one time export that sends a single file of Legacy Data to Red Crane Media’s Host. This export contains all sales, cancels, rebills, and partials which is stored in Konnektive's System. This data includes the customer's (Name & Address) and Order Information (ex: sale date, campaign name, and products).

- Monthly Data Export - The second process is for New Monthly Data. It will export new sales, rebills, partials, and cancels. Which is the same as the first process, except it will fetch data every month on the 1st and export it to Red Crane Media. This export also includes customer and order information.

- Daily Cancellation Export - The third process is for exporting data daily to Red Crane Media. This process will include new cancellations only. This export also includes customer and order information.

- Daily Partial Export - The final process is also a daily process that exports to Red Crane Media. This process includes new partials only. This export will include any customer or order information that is available.