Auto-Responder Setup


Step 1. To setup an auto responder, first make sure you have an SMTP server added to your account. (Admin > Plugin > SMTP Maintenance)

Once plugged in you can then test the SMTP to make sure it is working properly by clicking on the ENVELOPE and entering in your email in the dialogue box.

NOTE: The most common error is authentication failed which is typically a credential issue. Please recheck to make sure your credentials are entered correctly.


Step 2. Go into the campaign in which you would like to connect this SMTP account to.

Go to CRM > Campaigns > Then click edit on the campaign you wish to set the SMTP account on.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Auto-Responders section and click on the GREEN + button to add an SMTP account.

This will bring you to a dialogue box in which you can choose the SMTP you would like to use as well as the event name, the products, email subject, and which billing cycle you would like it to fire on.


Event Name

  1. All Orders - Every complete order will trigger this auto responder

  2. All Fulfillments - Every shipped order will trigger this auto responder

  3. Cancellation - Customers who cancel a subscription will trigger this auto responder

  4. Paused - Customers who pause a subscription will trigger this auto responder

  5. Initial Order - Only the first order will trigger an auto responder

  6. Initial Fulfillment - Only the first fulfillment will get an auto responder

  7. Recurring Order - Only recurring orders will trigger this auto responder

  8. Trial Completion - An email will be sent when a customer's trial has completed

  9. RMA - When an RMA is issued for a customer then this auto responder will trigger

  10. Pre Billing - Customers will receive this autoresponder prior to their rebill

  11. Recurring Order Declined - An email will be sent when a recurring order declines

  12. Refund - Triggered when a customer gets a refund

  13. Void - Triggered when a customer gets a void

  14. Express Consent - This is event is for offers that must abide by the Express Consent rules

  15. Tracking Number Assigned - Will trigger once the fulfillment record has a tracking number assigned

  16. Rerun Initial Success - Will send if an initial order declined but is reran successfully

  17. Partial Orders - Only partial orders will trigger this auto responder

  18. Initial Decline - Only orders that decline on the initial sale will trigger this auto responder

  19. Delivered - Will trigger once the fulfillment record is delivered

  20. Repeat Customer - Triggers when same customer makes another order (after 24 hours of their first order)

Recycle Failed email only: Create a Rebill Declined autoresponder and set billing cycle = 999.

Pause ending email only: Create a Pre Billing autoresponder and set billing cycle = 999.  You can still set the number of days.  That will send only when the pause is ending.

Billing Cycle - Set a cycle # so the email send on that cycle only. Leave blank to send on all cycles.

  • Set the cycle # to 999 to send an Auto Responder on Chargeback Protection Capture. This can only be applied to All Orders, Recurring Order, Pre Billing, and Recurring Order Declined events.

Product - Choose a specific product which will trigger the autoresponder, or set to All Products to send a single email containing all products the customer purchased. 

Attach Signed Customer Contract PDF - Will attach the PDF of your terms and the customers info. See here for more info.

Send for Express Consent only - Will only send the email to customers where Express Consent is required.

Email Subject Line - What the customer will see the email titled as in their inbox.


Step 4. Click submit and the Auto Responder is set up.

Step 5. Click the BLUE edit button to go into the autoresponder to edit it for customization.

Step 6. You can add tokens if you want other fields to populate in your Auto Responder.

Step 7. Preview – You can see an example of what your editing on your Auto Responder will look like in real time.

Step 8. Click Update

Optional Step:

You can test your autoresponder configuration by selecting Send Test. Specify your email address and a test will be sent.

To send auto-responders immediately use the Confirm Order API, if not the system will send it at a later time 30 minutes or more.

For express consent the autoresponder will be sent if the product being purchase is a trial product, and if VISA or Master Card was used.