Constant Contact


To process Email Marketing Campaigns with Constant Contact, please follow these Steps.

1. Log into Constant Contact account

You can Create an account or login to an existing account at

2. Create Contact List in Constant Contact

Select Contacts inside of Constant Contact to create your contact lists.

- Click on Create List - You may find it best to create a list for each of the customer types that Konnektive will export (Partial, Sale, Upsale, Decline, Rebill Success, Rebill Decline)


Once you have a contact list set up, you will need to go into Konnektive CRM and set up the plugin.

3. Set up in Konnektive CRM

Select Admin > Plugins > Go to Email Service Providers > Select Send Constant Contact from the list > Click on Activate.


Once you click on Activate it will take you to where you need to select Authorize Constant Contact.


Click on the Authorize Button. You will then be taken to a screen where you will be asked to either Allow or Deny Access to Konnektive.


  • Once you click on Allow - it will take you to the setup page within the CRM.


In the settings section you will see that your Access Token has been set. Do not adjust this.

You will then go into the Campaign Routing section to add your Routes.

  • In the Route setup you will see there is a section that shows Constant Contact Campaign. Clicking this drop down it will show all the contact lists that you have set up in Constant Contact.


- Once that is set up and created you will have data transferring over to your Constant Contact.