Cancelling or Pause a Subscription

To cancel a subscription product, first locate the customer’s order record.


Choose the Continuity tab to see the Customer's recurring purchases and then click on the subscription purchase you need to cancel or pause.


Cancel Subscription

Inside the Purchase Details page select the Red Cancel Subscription button.


Use the Cancellation Window to complete the Cancellation of Subscription.

  • Reason: Choose the cancellation reason.

  • Full refund of last billing: Check the box to provide a full refund.

  • Schedule for:

    • NOW - Customer will be cancelled immediately.

    • Next Successful Billing - After the next successful billing cycle their Subscription will automatically cancel.

    • Prior To Next Scheduled Billing - Will cancel the subscription instead of processing the transaction.

    • Specific Date - Choose the specific date they want to cancel.

      • *Subscription will remain active, but no recurring billings will process if using this option unless "Continue Billing until cancellation" is checked.

      • Note: "Continue billing until cancellation" This checkbox will always be checked by default.

  • Agent Note: Agent can enter any cancellation details in this box. The notes about the cancellation will be logged.

Pause Subscription

Inside the Purchase Details page select the Yellow Pause Subscription button.

Use the Pause Window to pause the subscription.

  • Schedule for:

    • NOW - Will pause the subscription immediately

    • Prior to Next Schedule Billing - Will pause the subscription before the next billing occurs

  • Restart Date: Choose the date that the subscription will reactivate. The subscription will bill on this day.

  • Agent Note: Agent can enter any cancellation details in this box. The notes about the pause will be logged.