The purpose of this document is to walk clients through setting up 3rd party software with Konnektive through Zapier.

This document assumes you already have an account with Zapier and already know which apps on Zapier you want to work with.

You will need to create an API user inside of Konnektive CRM with AWS listed as the IP Whitelist. Be sure to grant access to the necessary endpoints.


Zapier is connected to the Konnektive API and can pull 2 different data types which are Orders and Transactions.

Set Up Your App to Work with Konnektive on Zapier

Step 1- In the Left hand navigation panel of Konnektive CRMselect Admin, and from the drop down select Plugins.

Zapier is located in 4 categories, Accounting, Affiliate systems, Chargeback Management and Data Sources.


Step 2- Once you find Zapierclick on the image to reveal the "Activate" button, which will take you to Zapier's Konnektive App to create a "Zap".

You can also choose "Visit website" to learn more about Zapier and the apps on their platform.

Step 3- Click "Create this Zap". Then, you will choose your Trigger. The Konnektive App only has 2 TriggersTransactions and Orders.

Based off what type of data you want to see, choose accordingly. Once you choose, click Continue.


Step 4- The next page will bring up the login page, you will need a Konnektive Account to log into the Konnektive App, this login is the same login you would use to log into Konnektive CRM site.

Click '+ Connect an Account', enter your credentials, and click Save and Continue.

NOTE: You will need an API user inside of Konnektive CRM to use to login to Zapier's Konnektive App.

Step 5- The next page is where "step 3" becomes important. Based on which trigger you chose, it will bring up a dialog box named Order Type or Transaction Type (these two fields are required).

If you chose the Order Trigger you will have 3 order types to choose from:

New Sale- which triggers when a new sale comes through Konnektive

Cancelled Orders- which triggers when an order is cancelled in Konnektive

New Leads- which triggers when a Lead comes through on Konnektive

Step 6- If you chose Transactions Trigger, you will only 2 transaction types to choose from:

  • Declines- which triggers when a transaction is declined in Konnektive.

  • Refunds- which is triggered when a transaction is refunded in Konnektive.

Step 7- The last page lets you test your credentials to make sure everything is set up correctly. You should get a Test Successful Status and you will also be able to view data if you click View Transactions or Orders.

If for some reason your test is unsuccessful start over and follow Steps 1-5.

Keep in mind you must have a recent Transaction or Order from Konnektive CRM.

Step 8- The final step is to set up your Actions, which is where you would set up your 3rd party app to receive information from Konnektive.

Set Up a Konnektive Action

1) Find the Konnektive App through the search bar.

2) Choose your Action, there are (5) to choose from:

Create New Sales, Create Leads, Update Fulfillments, Cancel Orders, and Update Customers.

3) From there you will Map the given fields from your Trigger to the fields that are from Konnektive.

4) Test the functionality and if successful Name your Zap and turn your Zap (ON).