Under Fulfillment → Fulfillment Houses, locate and activate the Fulfillplex plugin tile. Click on the tile and Activate the plugin.


token - The API token given to you by Fulfillplex.
customerId - The Id number of the profile set up in Fulfillplex.
Return Address (Optional) - The return address for where the products should be returned upon an RMA. This address can be sent to the customers via our RMA autoresponder.
Disable shipping validation with carrier - Will force the orders directly into shipped status upon receiving the tracking number. *Orders will not move to Delivered status

Viewing your API Token

If you ever need to view your API token, navigate to “CRM” → “API Access


The plugin setup is now complete and you can proceed to test the integration by following this document: https://konnektive.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CC/pages/2098104580