CJ Dropshipping

You must sell a variant from CJ Dropshipping. Do not sell products without a variant. All CJ products will have at least one variant. See ImportProducts notes in Step 3.




Go to CRM Admin > Plugins > Fulfillment House Listing. Scroll down and click the CJ Dropshipping tile.



Click the green +Activate button


Enter Title, email, and APIKey

Enter logisticName. Details can be found here.

Enter your 2-character warehouseCountry. Details can be found here.

Enter productSkus to sync specific products. This is the CJ Dropshipping sku. Multiple values may be separated by commas. Also check the ImportProducts box.

Leave accountId blank. This will be set automatically.

Enter campaignId to sync products into a specific campaign. Leave it blank to create a new campaign.

Enter gatewayId to assign new products to a specific gateway. This can be left blank and gateway can be assigned by editing the CRM campaign products after the product sync. There is a batch update option on the campaign products.

Choose to ImportProducts. It is highly recommended to import products, unless you have another method to obtain the CJ Dropshipping product variant id. The variant id is required to fulfill. Products are automatically synced every hour.

It is recommended to check the Disable shipping validation with carrier option. CJ Dropshipping provides Delivered dates.

Click the green Create button to save the Fulfillment House