Tax Jar

When enabled on a campaign, the TaxJar plugin will perform tax rate calculations on your checkout page and your order entry page within the CRM. The enabled campaigns will send sales, upsells, rebills, and refunds/voids to TaxJar for calculations and reporting.

(Konnektive currently supports TaxJar in the US and Canada only. If you are interested in using TaxJar in other countries, please contact your account manager)

Enabling and Setting Up the TaxJar Plugin

Step 1.

Activate the TaxJar plugin.

  • Pick the Admin section from the navigation sidebar.

  • Go to the Plugins page (Admin->Plugins)

  • Pick the Tax Services tab.

  • Click on the TaxJar tile.


  • Click + Activate.





Step 2. Enter the API Token that you received from TaxJar

Step 3. Enter a “Friendly Name” for this plugin, to identify it on Campaigns

Step 4. Enter “From” shipping address information

TaxJar relies on your company's ship-from address to properly calculate sales tax. It is optional to enter this on the plugin. Address information is required in step 7 below. Address information entered on the plugin will override Company information in step 7.

Step 5. Enter address nexus

TaxJar calculates tax where your company has nexus (physical presence). Enter an optional address nexus here if you have a presence in non-US countries (this is not necessary for US state nexus, which can be set in TaxJar). Enter country code, a colon, and state code. Multiple entries are separated by commas. For example, to set nexus for Canadian provinces Ontario and Quebec, enter CA:ON,CA:QC. Send any detailed questions on nexus to your TaxJar representative.

Step 6. If your company has subaccounts there will be an option to select a specific subaccount for each plugin. This is optional. Select a subaccount if you have a TaxJar account for each subaccount company. This will calculate tax into the TaxJar account that corresponds to the merchant account selected on each transaction. It is important that tax be calculated the same for each subaccount. Do not set different “From” addresses on each subaccount plugin if that will result in a different tax amount calculated.

Once all information is entered, press the green Connect button to connect your TaxJar account to Konnektive.


Step 7.

Enter Company Address Information. TaxJar relies on your company's address to properly calculate sales tax. If you do not have this information entered on your Account you may not be able to collect sales tax.

  • Go to the Account Page.

  • Under the Company Information section, verify your company info is entered accurately.

  • If these fields are empty, please fill them in with accurate information.

  • Click on the Blue Update Button once done.



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