Tax Jar Address Verification- Customer Service/ Order Entry

Customer > Order Entry

On the Order Entry Page follow these steps to process an order using TaxJar:
  • Select the Campaign from the drop down.

  • Fill in the customers correct Billing Information.

  • Fill in the Customers correct Shipping Information.

  • Inside of the "Shipping Information" section you must click on the Verify Address button.

  • TaxJar will check the address and determine if the address is a valid location.

  • If TaxJar can not verify the address, then a pop up box will appear with an error message. (See Image Below)

Note: If an error message appears on the screen, please confirm with the customer that the address is correct. If TaxJar is unable to verify the address then the Call Center Rep will not be able to process the order.

NOTE: Please be aware that this feature is only accessible with TaxJar Plus.

Calculate Tax Option
  • In the Select Products section you can add the product(s) and add the shipping from the drop down. There is also a red Calculate Tax Button In the "Products" section.

  • By clicking on the red Calculate Tax button this will calculate and combine the Sales Tax on the product(s) with the Freight Tax for the shipping fee. You will then be able to see the total amount with taxes included.