Wordpress Plugin Setup

Configuring Your Wordpress Site to Redirect to HTTPS

Note: If your site is already configured to redirect to HTTPS feel free to ignore this section though you should still install the WordPress Force HTTPS plugin on your site.

In order for the Konnektive Plugin to work correctly, your site needs to be using HTTPS vs HTTP. You can easily change this configuration by obtaining an SSL certificate and applying it to your domain. We reccomend that you have your domain name and SSL certificate ready before you create your Wordpress Site though you can always make those changes once the site is created. Once you've obtained the SSL certificate and your WP site is directing to HTTPS, download and activate the WordPress Force HTTPS plugin to ensure all your pages are being routed to HTTPS.

Disclaimer: Do NOT download/activate the WordPress Force HTTPS plugin before applying the SSL certificate to your domain. You will be unable to connect to your website if there is not a SSL certificate in place first!

Creating the Konnektive Wordpress Plugin

First, you will need to have an e-commerce or lander type campaign with a form-code lander or shopping cart.

After creating a lander or shopping cart inside the campaign, click the blue edit button to configure pages.


Check the box, stating, 'Enable Wordpress Plugin?' and click 'Update'.


Create the pages you need for your funnel if you haven't already done so. Remember to click 'Update Page' after any edits to that page. When you are finished, click 'Update' in the top box again and 'Download Code'.


Unzip the downloaded code, place the Konnektive folder inside of the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your server.


The Konnektive plugin will automatically create itself after you add the Konnektive folder to your server.


Next, login into the wordpress site as the administrator (/wp-admin/). Click plugins, and ensure that the Konnektive E-Commerce plugin is activated.

Click The Konnektive underneath settings. Enter API username, password, and campaignId. Click 'Update Settings'.

The plugin will create the pages you set up in the CRM, and you will be able to see them in the Pages section on your wp-admin site.

Note: Please use/build-on the Konnektive-created wordpress pages for your funnel. The plugin will be tied to those specific wordpress pages.

If you edit them on the site, you will see the wordpress shortcode for that Konnektive page. 

The Konnektive wordpress shortcodes are:

  • presell page: [konnektive_cart_presell]

  • catalog page: [konnektive_cart_catalog]

  • product details: [konnektive_cart_product_details]

  • lead page: [konnektive_cart_lead]

  • checkout page: [konnektive_cart_checkout]

  • upsell page 1: [konnektive_cart_upsell1]

  • upsell page 2: [konnektive_cart_upsell2]

  • upsell page 3: [konnektive_cart_upsell3]

  • upsell page 4: [konnektive_cart_upsell4]

  • thankyou page: [konnektive_cart_thankyou]

  • Konnektive cart widget: [konnektive_cart_widget]

  • signup page: [konnektive_cart_signup]

  • profile page: [konnektive_cart_profile]

  • category links: [konnektive_category_links]

You can edit the Konnektive content by going to the pages subfolder 


inside the Konnektive folder.


Then open the page file that you wish to edit and make any changes.


If any of the Konnektive pages return a 404 error, log into your Wordpress site as the administrator (/wp-admin/). From there, navigate to Settings, then select Permalinks

Change the common settings to Plain to get these pages to load correctly. Once this is done be sure to hit Save Changes

Updating the Konnektive Wordpress Plugin

The Konnektive Wordpress plugin does not work with auto-update. To update, after making changes to your campaign on the CRM, go to the Konnektive plugin on the wordpress administrative site (/wp-admin/) and click 'Update Settings'.


Note: This will recreate any wordpress pages present in your lander-builder (ex. profile page) on the CRM that have been deleted on your wordpress site.


Using WooCommerce Catalog with Konnektive Checkout Page