Edit Fulfillment Items

To enable this functionality, the CRM account must be set to Allow Fulfillment Product Updates.

This can be set by going to CRM | Account and enabling the setting in the Additional Options section.

Once this has been enabled, when an order has been placed for a product which is Marked Shippable on the campaign and is fulfilled to a valid fulfillment house, a new option Edit will display on the Fulfillment actions menu on the customer’s order:

When Edit is selected, the purchased product quantity can be modified and/or products can be added to the fulfilment.

By selecting Add Product, all campaign products will be listed in the drop down menu and the specific product can be selected and the quantity can be specified. To remove a product from the order, set the Product Qty field = 0.

Editing the quantity in the fulfillment edit window will place the true quantity you want shipped out. This quantity value ignores base product quantity value.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to your account manager!