Active Campaign Deep Integration

Overview: Active Campaign Deep Integration is an enhancement to the Active Campaign plugin to run Abandoned Cart marketing. The Deep Integration feature is only available for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise versions of Active Campaign accounts.

The plugin will create a Customer record and an Abandoned Cart record within Active Campaign.

The first step to utilizing the Deep Integration is to enable the “Active Campaign” plugin within the Konnektive CRM.

Navigate to Admin → Plugins → Email Service Providers

Activate the Active Campaign plugin, enter your baseUrl and Api Key provided by Active Campaign, and then click Connect.

triggerAutomations = Orders will only populate on your Ecommerce Dashboard if enabled

These values are found under Settings>Developer within your Active Campaign account:

Next, edit the plugin on the CRM side and use the Deep Route button to configure the route to your Active Campaign Connection. Be sure to set it to trigger on Partials.

For information on how to create an Abandoned Cart trigger and use the Abandoned Cart content block, please follow this article.

Leads and Orders

If you are connecting to Konnektive via direct API, include salesUrl and product information on all Import Lead calls. salesUrl should be the page which a cardholder will return to on an Abandoned Cart.

This step is automatically handled if you are using the Konnektive lander package or FunnelKonnekt.