Fraud Protection

Konnektive offers basic fraud protection. If you require more advanced control, view our article to investigate other options. Fraud Protection can be used in conjunction with fraud plugins.

Fraud Protection is intended to reject an order before it is sent to the gateway. An order is automatically rejected when it is over the interval decline limit. For example, if the decline limit is 5 within 24 hours on Card Bin and bin 424242 has 5 declines in the past hour, then any new orders with bin 424242 are rejected until the 24 hours is elapsed. The decline limit is not consecutive declines. Fraud likely includes successful transactions.


To enable Fraud Protection, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the top right menu and click on “Account”.


  1. Click on the “Fraud Protection” tab.


  1. Toggle “Enable Basic Fraud Protection” and adjust settings as desired. Click “Save” when finished.

Decline Limit (Required) - The amount of declines allowed from matching decline evaluations before the order is rejected.
Card Limit (Optional) - The amount of times a customer can use different card numbers before they the order is rejected. Only affected by Interval. Set to 0 to have no limit.
Interval (Required) - Only orders in the past time interval are evaluated.


Decline Evaluations
At least one of these must be enabled. Each decline evaluation is evaluated individually. If both “Card Bin” and “Email Address” are enabled. Then orders are evaluated and rejected based on either Card Bin or Email Address, and does not need to be an exact match on both.