Customer/Membership Portal

Below you will find articles relating to Customer Portals and Membership Portals:


A Customer Portal will allow any customer with a successful order to log into the portal and will display all their past orders. If the customer has a subscription, you can provide an option to pause, cancel, or restart the subscription. If the subscription is cancelled, the customer will still be able to log into the portal.

A Membership Portal will only allow users to log into the portal if they have purchased a subscription product. You can create separate pages for “Active” and “Inactive” users so the user only sees the appropriate pages based on their subscription status.


Within either portal option, customers with a subscription can see their order history, update their billing & shipping info, update card on file, and Pause/Restart/Cancel/Edit subscriptions. You can also offer more products for the customer to purchase either with their card on file or with a new card.