Edit Funnel Settings

To edit the funnel’s settings, open the funnel within Checkout Champ and then click the gear button on the top left of the funnel visualizer




Name: The internal name used to identify the funnel.

Title: The title of your page will appear on the browser tab when you are previewing your pages and when your Funnel is published.

Favicon: You can customize the icon on your Funnel's browser tab by uploading a Favicon. Favicons must be uploaded in .ico format. There are many free available tools which will convert your existing images into .ico files. Once you have loaded specified a Favicon, the visitors to your site will be able to see this on their browser tab.

Logo: You can place your company logo into this section and it will be applied throughout the funnel, preventing you from needing to upload the logo onto each page. The uploaded logo will replace any image on the page containing the “fk-logo” css class. The majority of our templates contain placeholder logos containing the “fk-logo” class.

Campaign: Specify which Checkout Champ CRM campaign products will be sold on your funnel. For more details on Checkout Champ CRM Campaign Management, see our help article here: Campaigns