Product Variations

Product Variations are ONLY supported with Direct API, Order Entry, and FunnelKonnekt.

Product Variations are the ability to differentiate a single product by identifying properties, such as size, color, style, flavor, or material. Each variation can have a unique SKU, image, and price.

The advantage of variations is that a single product (and campaign product) can be maintained in the CRM but a variation of the product can be purchased and sent to fulfillment.

For example, a store sells T-shirts. Instead of maintaining separate products in the CRM for Small, Medium, and Large, the sizes can be set as variants. Both the product and the variant are specified on an order and the variant SKU is sent to fulfillment.

Variant - can be Size, Color, Material, Shape, Flavor, etc.

Options - can be small, medium, large, blue, green, red, cotton, wool, circle, square, etc. Options can be separated by comma or a new line.

Press the green “Create” button to save your entry and create the product variations. One variation will be created for each combination of variants.


Once the variations are created, press the blue “Edit Product Variants” to edit.

The Product Variations page will display all product variations with their respective Id, title, SKU, and price. Press the blue “Edit” button to edit a specific variation.


The Edit Variant pop-up allows for updates to Title, Product Sku, Price, and Image. Be sure to press the blue “Update” button to save changes.

A unique Product SKU should be entered for each variant. SKU is sent to fulfillment.

Price is optional. If entered it will override the campaign product price. This could be used, for example, to set a unique price on a XXL T-shirt.


Use the API to create orders with variants. Import Order and Import Upsell support a Variant Id on each product, in addition to the campaignProductId. Documentation is here.

To retrieve the list of product variants for your checkout or upsell page, use the Query Campaign API.


Inventory can be maintained for variants. Go to Fulfillment > Inventory Reports to adjust stock for each variant SKU.

Recurring Orders

Product Variations can be used on recurring orders. A variant can be specified on the initial sale, and that variant will also be on the rebill. Go to the purchase details page to edit the rebill variant at any time. The initial order of a recurring variant can include only 1 variant of the recurring product. If you need to create 2 subscriptions of the same product with different variants, those initial orders must be separate.

Variant Bundles

See here to explore bundling multiple variants as a single product.



  • Product Variations are not enabled for Form Code landers.

  • Product Variations can only be used on direct API orders and upsells.

Adding Variants to Your Page:

Please view the order import API documentation and the upsell import API documentation.

Variant information can be passed into Konnektive CRM similar to import order.

To use this, specify the campaign product Id that the customer wants to buy noting it as:


If the purchased campaign product has a variant include the following details in your upsell import call:


Variant ids can be obtained by going to CRM → Products. select ‘Edit’ on a product you know has variants.


Scenario 1 - Single Variant Product

Let's say you are selling 1 product 1 - Kitten T - Shirt from your landing page.

Assume the campaignProductId for this product is 1.

In this scenario, the product also has a size variantId = 1 - Small, and your customer wants to buy this variant for this product.

On upsell import the page would send in product1_id=1 variant1_id=1

variantIds are being mapped to the campaignProductIds to import orders with the variants associated to the products.


Scenario 2: Multiple Variants same Product

Let's say there was a second variant for color, with an Id of 2. Lets say that white = 1 and black = 2.

Assume the campaignProductId for this product is 1.

If your customer wants to purchase a t shirt in both colors, on upsell import the page would have to pass in:
product1_id=1 (assuming the campaignProductId=1 like before)
variant1_id=1(for white variant)
product2_id=1(send in the same campaignProductId again, assuming 1 to keep consistent with example)
variant2_id=2(for black variant)


Scenario 3: Multiple Variants Multiple Products:

Let’s say you are selling multiple products with multiple variants.

Assume the campaignProductId’s are Kitten T - Shirt = 1 and Puppy T- Shirt = 2.

if your customer wishes to import two different products each with their own variant your page would send the data like this
product2_id=x (campaignProductId of the second product, shouldnt be the same as the first)
variant2_id=y(variant id of the second product)


Using Variants in Order Entry

Variants may be selected in manual Order Entry

Press the arrow next to Shipping to open up variant selection


Choose the variants as needed

If the product bundles variants, you can select as many variants as needed. The product quantity will always be 1. Price will be the product price. See here to explore bundling multiple variants as a single product.

If the product does not bundle variants and is a recurring product, you can select one variant only. If you need to create subscriptions for multiple variants of a single product then you need to create multiple orders.

If the product does not bundle variants and is a one-time product, you can select as many variants as needed. Price will be accumulated for each variant.