PAAY Plugin

Not compatible with Order-Entry/Phone Campaigns.

The PAAY plugin can be used to easily authenticate and protect transactions with external 3DS values. Add the PAAY plugin today to reduce chargebacks and start saving money!

Billing for the PAAY Plugin

The PAAY service will be billed monthly at the time of your CRM subscription billing based on your plugin’s transaction rate (RatePerTransaction) per 3DS authentication attempt.

The current upcoming amount can be found in the Add-ons section on your Subscription page.

Adding the PAAY plugin

Adding a gateway MID

All PAAY plugins are activated for 3DS 2.1. You must have one of these Acquirers to activate: BlueSnap, BMO Harris, F1, Maverick, Quantum, Humboldt, Worldline, Mission Valley, PayArc, Synovus, or Worldpay PYT.

Merchant Details (Merchants → MID List → Add/Edit) required for adding/updating a gateway MID for PAAY plugin creation

Enabling the PAAY Plugin

  1. Go to Admin → Plugins → Authentication.

  2. Click the PAAY tile.

  3. Click + Activate.

  4. Enter a Title of your choosing

  5. Enter MCC, MID, and Acquirer that correspond to one of your active MIDs. MID is the actual MID number from your VAR sheet.

  6. Click Connect.



Troubleshooting Errors

Any errors that occur with adding the PAAY plugin will show in red at the top of the popup form.

You can also view your CRM subscription billing information, click to edit your payment method, and access the PAAY plugin dashboard from the edit popup.

Compatible Card Types

PAAY can currently be used to authenticate Visa and Mastercard transactions, so we recommend only attempting authentication with those card types.


We recommend authenticating the cycle 2 transaction rebill amount in addition to authenticating your cycle 1 transaction.

Trial Authentications

For trials, we recommend following these practices:

  • Hold Trial Charge - Authenticate the cycle 2 transaction amount and send as the initial authentication amount. Do not attempt a PAAY rebill authentication.

  • Full Authorize & Void and Validate Card Trials or any trial with either no cycle 1 price or only shipping for cycle 1 - Run the PAAY authentication using the cycle 2 transaction amount and then send to Konnektive as rebill 3DS parameters.


Authenticating with PAAY on External Landers

Adding PAAY Javascript to Landing Pages

Follow the steps in for adding PAAY Javascript to your landing pages.

Finding Your PAAY API Key

Once you have added the PAAY plugin, you can find your paayApiKey to use with the PAAY JavaScript you put on your lander by clicking on the PAAY tile (Admin → Plugins → Authentication).

PAAY Dashboard

The PAAY plugin dashboard can be accessed by clicking on the → Dashboard button from the plugin edit form.