FlexPay Plugin

FlexPay is the most dynamic credit card decline tool available. There is no easier way to collect declined dollars on the planet.

Once you have established an account with FlexPay, you will need to enable the plugin in CRM.

Navigate to Admin Plugins FlexPay. Click the “+Activate” button to Activate the FlexPay Plugin.

Enter the apiKey provided by FlexPay in the Activate Plugin popup

You can enable FlexPay for RecycleInitialOrders. By selecting this check box, Recycle Billing can be configured to run on initial orders. You must set up a Recycle Billing profile that includes Initial Orders. Additional information on recycle billing can be found here.

There is a $400/mo charge to enable RecycleInitialOrders

FlexPay Advanced Setup

Confirm that the apiKey is entered. Then press the “Update” button.

Select the gateways that should be created over at FlexPay. Once the desired gateways are selected, click the “Update Merchants” button.

Gateways supported by FlexPay include:

  • Acquired

  • Authorize.net

  • Braintree

  • Checkout.com

  • Inovio

  • Meritus

  • MojoPay

  • NMI

  • PSIGate

  • PayCertify

  • Payeezy

  • SafeCharge

  • Stripe

  • TransactPro

  • USA ePay

  • Vantiv


FlexPay Merchant Settings

Now navigate to Gateways Gateway List to view the newly created FlexPay versions of the gateways.

-Gateways created through the FlexPay Plugin will have “FlexPay - xxxxx” specified as the Title

-Gateways created through the FlexPay Plugin will have “FlexPay” specified as the Gateway.


The FlexPay Plugin will automatically create a Recycle Billing Profile with all the gateways selected in the Advanced Setup Screen. Navigate to Gateways Recycle Billing to see this Recycle Profile.


Enable third-party 3ds

Navigate to Gateways → Gateway List and edit the FlexPay version of NMI.

Check the send3DS checkbox