Device Data Collector Pixel (DDC Pixel)

This article provides instructions for installing the Device Data Collector pixel for both Fraud Manager and the Kount plugin.

This document assumes you have Fraud Manager or Kount enabled as a fraud protection plugin in your Konnektive CRM account. This document should only be used by those with landers that are not using Konnektive’s form-code. If you are using Konnektive’s form code the Device Data Collector pixel is automatically integrated.

Option 1: Receive the DDC Pixel Via the Import Click API

Import Click API

1) Send the fraudPixel=1 parameter when you call the Import Click API from the Checkout Page (pageType=checkoutPage).

2) The Import Click API will return a Fraud Manager pixel. Decode the response and place the pixel on your page.

// Example of an Import Click response // The iframe pixel will be returned as part of the pixel parameter. {"result":"SUCCESS","message":{"affVals":{},"pixel":" <iframe width=1 height=1 frameborder=0 scrolling=no src='https:\/\/\/logos\/logo.htm?c=dev_test&s=f9e3eb14975b319afc10f0aa0ec8c813331c1f77'> <img width=1 height=1 src='https:\/\/\/logos\/logo.gif?c=dev_test&s=f9e3eb14975b319afc10f0aa0ec8c813331c1f77'><\/iframe>"}} //Example of code to put a pixel on your page Var node = document.createElement(“DIV”); Node.innerHTML = pixel; Document.body.appendChild(node);

3) Send the sessionId returned from the Import Click API as the sessionId parameter to the Import Order API.

Option 2: Put the DDC Pixel Straight on Your Checkout Page

1) Add this iFrame to your checkout page.

<iframe width=1 height=1 frameborder=0 scrolling=no src=''> <img width=1 height=1 src=''> </iframe>

2) Replace both instances of ###### with your Konnektive database name. Contact Konnektive customer support for the exact text. This might not be the same as your company name.

3) Replace both instances of %%%%%% with a session Id. If you have a session Id from a previous API call on this sale, use it. If you do not have an API session, generate a new session guid (32 char max) on your page.

4) When calling the Import Order API, you must send the same sessionId used for Fraud Manager/Kount as the sessionId parameter.


Please reach out to Konnektive support to acquire your Konnektive database name.