Create a User

Go to Admin → Users and select the green + button to add a user:

Create New User:

User Details

Username: Desired name for user (Username must be unique)

Email Address: Email address for user

Access Level: The type of user

Password: Password for User (can leave blank to send user a password creation email)

Confirm: Confirm user password if setting a password for the user


Access Details

In the Access Details section you can give access to certain areas of the CRM to specific users. If the User does not have any pages marked as accessible you might run into a Redirect Error when trying to have the user log in.

For API users, this section will display our available endpoints.

For data security purposes, only grant access to the pages/endpoints that you know the user will need. These can always be updated to add or revoke privileges.


Click Create to create the user.



Admin Users will also be asked to complete a user profile. The User Profile stores the following details:

Cell Phone Number

SMS Notification Opt In

Shirt Size