Go to Admin and select Blacklist:

  • From here you can search your blacklist as well as add to it.

Add to Blacklist:

  • You can either import a file via CSV by clicking IMPORT FILE or add who you want blacklisted individually by clicking the + button.

  • When the + button is selected, a dialogue box will pop up which will allow you to specify what you want blacklisted; card bin, country/state, phone number, email address, IP address, and address.:

  • You can also blacklist individuals from Cash On Delivery (COD) orders only by checking the box Blacklist from Cash On Delivery (COD) Only.

Address Blacklist Strengthening:

Blacklist address validation reduces common address words down to an abbreviation and removes any non-alphanumeric characters. You can see the sanitized address version on blacklist report. When orders are entered, the address is sanitized following the same logic. This functionality was implemented to strengthen blacklisting validation when bad actors enter variations of the same address to bypass the previous blacklisting functionality. This works only for addresses blacklisted after 7/9/2020.