Go to Admin > Plugins > Chargeback Management. Click on the Ethoca tile. Click + Activate.

Copy the Ethoca partner platform key and set it as the PartnerMerchantID at Ethoca. The endpoint to send alerts is

Choose to automatically refund and/or blacklist when an alert is received. The automatic refund is a full refund. The automatic blacklist will blacklist email, phone, IP address, and billing address. It will also cancel all active subscriptions for the customer.



Alerts are received and a proper attempt is made to match the alert to a successful transaction. The evaluation is not perfect. Matching is done with card bin, card last 4 digits, arn (if provided from the gateway at the time of the transaction), date, and amount.

The plugin handles Confirmed Fraud and Customer Dispute alerts. The alerts are logged. Alerts can be viewed at Reports > Chargebacks > Ethoca.

Matched alerts will be linked to customers. Unmatched alerts can be evaluated individually and then manually refunded and/or blacklisted.