ShipEngine can be used to obtain shipping rates in real time and can also be used to track the status fulfillment records in the CRM.

If you do not already have a ShipEngine account please sign up here before proceeding.

ShipEngine’s rating and tracking services are monetized, please see here for pricing details.


Plugin Activation

  • Navigate to Admin → Plugins → Data Sources

  • Click on the ShipEngine Plugin and click the green “Activate” button




  • apiKey: Api Key provided from ShipEngine

  • USPS_carrierId- ShipEngine carrier id for USPS, used for obtaining shipping rates through USPS

  • UPS_carrierId- ShipEngine carrier id for UPS, used for obtaining shipping rates through UPS

  • FEDEX_carrierId- ShipEngine carrier id for FEDEX, used for obtaining shipping rates through FEDEX

  • From_Address - Address where fulfillments are shipped from

  • From_Address2 - Secondary address associated with where fulfillments are shipped from

  • From_City - City where fulfillments are shipped from

  • From_State - State where fulfillments are shipped from

  • From_Country - Country where fulfillments are shipped from

  • From_PostalCode - Postal Code where fulfillments are shipped from

  • getTrackingUpdates - if checked, ShipEngine will be used to determine the status of your fulfillment records in the CRM

  • onePackage- if checked, ShipEngin will get the rates for all products on the order shipped as one package (suggested when getting rates from USPS)

  • Once all the necessary info has been entered, click the green “Connect” button to complete the Plugin Activation


Rating Requests

similarly to how sales tax is obtained, we now offer a new API endpoint to obtain shipping rates through ShipEngine. The full API reference can be found here

Requests made to ShipEngine’s API require that your company information is populated on your account page. Before sending any requests to the Order Ship Rate API, please confirm all address fields have been inputted on the Account Page.

Alternatively you can specify a shipping address on the plugin itself. Please see above for configuration instructions.

Product Weight is also required to use the Order Ship Rate API. Navigate to CRM → Products → Edit to adjust product weight settings.

High level flow for using the Rate API.

  • grant Konnektive API user access to Order Ship Rate API

  • send valid API request to Konnektive’s Order Ship Rate API (following instructions on API docs)

  • upon valid request you will be presented with a multitude of different shipping rates/methods/carriers.

  • Choose which options to display on your page for customer to select, or apply this data directly to checkout without providing an option for customer to choose.

  • Modify your import order API call to apply data from the Rate API response to the order:

    • Pass in shipCarrier=carrierName returned from API, shipMethod=serviceType returned from API, totalShipping=shippingamount chosen from response.

    • Once the order has been imported you will see the fulfillment record created with the information obtained from the Rating API.

    • If you have the getTrackingUpdates option enabled we will then take that record and obtain tracking status in real time with data obtained from the Rating API to do so.

Ship Engine + Funnel Konnekt: