This article is a guide to connect your Zendesk account with Konnektive.

Note: Konnektive users can still use the “Checkout Champ” Zendesk application. A second app under the name “Konnektive CRM” is still in review by Zendesk.


Zendesk Konnektive Integration Documentation

Step 1: Add an API User for Zendesk

Follow the instructions here to add an API User in Konnektive. Take note of the loginId and password for Step 2.

Create the Zendesk plugin.

Create An API User

After creating the user go back to edit and save the user again


The user must have only “ZENDESK” listed in the IP Whitelist field. Do not list any other IP addresses.

The user must have access to the following endpoints:

  • Update Order

  • Query Orders

  • Refund Order

  • Cancel Order

  • Query Customers

  • Add Customer Note

  • Update Customer

  • Query Purchase

Step 2: Configure Zendesk

Login to Zendesk and navigate to Admin → Admin Center → Apps and integrations → Zendesk Support Apps → Marketplace

Enter the loginId and password for your Konnektive API user.

Step 3: Test Zendesk

Orders and customer information are retrieved from Konnektive based on the email address used in the Zendesk ticket. Confirm that a Zendesk ticket populates the correct information by opening a ticket created by a customer that exists within your Konnektive account.