General Membership Club Plugin Setup

This article will walk you through the general setup for our integrated membership club plugins.

Add Plugin

Navigate to Admin → Plugins → Membership Services and activate the plugin of choice and enter in the required credential(s).


Apply to Products

Once the plugin is activated, navigate to CRM → Products. Edit the products and apply the membership club.

Once you apply the membership club to a product the membership will activate upon a successful purchase of the product.

If the rebill for the product fails, the membership will move to an Inactive state and will reactivate upon a successful reattempt of that failed rebill.

Locating Membership Customers

To locate customers on your membership club, navigate to Customers → Memberships within the CRM. Here you can search for customers by using the search filters.

On the customer’s profile, click the “Clubs” tab to view/edit the customer’s memberships.