CustomClub is an in-house Membership Platform built for Konnektive CRM Clients.

To Activate this plugin, navigate to Admin → Plugins → Membership Services

  • clubName - Internal identifying name

  • memberIdType

    • Sequential: (In sequence this will be assigned a member number based off when entered ex Membership 1, 2, 3... Etc.)

    • Phone Number: (Create a membership based off the Phone number.)

    • Random Hex: This is a random string of letters and numbers generated to each member entered into the system.

  • Check the "GenerateUserPass" Box if you want Konnektive to automatically generate the users username and password.

    • If you uncheck this box, you can use the Update Membership API to update the customer’s membership credentials.

  • Check the "oneClubPerCustomer" box if you want each customer to have a single set of credentials for the plugin. If one customer purchases multiple products in the club then all the subscriptions will have the same credentials.

    • If you uncheck this box, then every time a customer purchases a club product a new unique set of credentials will be issued to the customer for that product.



Once CustomClub is created, navigate to CRM → Products to apply the Membership to the Base Product.

  • General Details Create your Product Name.

  • Under Fulfillment Details fill in your details and select your Membership name and click on the "Blue" Update Button.

Note: Once the product is purchased it will Start the Membership.

Note: The club Username will initially be set to the customer's email address.

Send Membership Information to the Customer though Initial Order, Recurring Order, or All Orders Event Type Auto-responders Inside of the Campaign using these Tokens-

  • Membername [clubMemberId]

  • Username [clubUsername]

  • Password [clubPassword]


Konnektive Membership APIs