Kajabi Webhook Guide

Please view this article on how to set up an inbound webhook from within your Kajabi account.

  • Navigate to Admin Export, then hit the green “+” button to create a new webhook profile.

  • Give your profile a name, select Postback as the export type, and then click Create.

  • Edit your profile, enter the Postback Url which was configured in the linked article.

  • Add field mappings to the profile to send Konnektive specific data to Kajabi. (The Kajabi article specifies which fields are required)

  • Once the profile is configured properly hit Update to update the profile and save your changes.

  • Next, go back to the main Export Profile page and then click the “+” button in the Profile Routing section to add a new profile route for your Kajabi webhook.

  • Select the Profile, Customer Type, Campaign, and Product info then hit Create to create the Profile Route