Custom Fields

Step 1: Configure Custom Fields in the Campaign Setup

Navigate to your campaign setup screen and edit the campaign where you want to add custom fields:


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Custom Fields box:


Click the Add Field button to create a new custom field for the campaign. Fill out the Dialog box. You can choose from four different data types:

  • Text - Allow the customer to enter a string of text

  • Checkbox - Present the customer a checkbox to answer a question

  • Drop-Down - Provide the customer a list of options on a drop-down selector

  • Multi-Line Text - Allow the customer to enter a string of text with line breaks


Setup as many custom fields as you like:


Step 2: Using Custom Fields in Order Entry:

Now that you have configured custom fields for your campaign. Your agents will be able to enter those fields on Order Entry. Custom fields will be visible below the product selection area.


Step 3: Editing Customer Records

You can edit custom fields tied to a specific customer on the main customer details page. To view the custom fields select the Custom Fields tab.


You can edit these fields by clicking the Update Button at the bottom of the tab area.

Step 4: Custom Fields and the API

Custom Fields can be viewed and edited in the Api as well. Please see Api documentation on the following pages for more information:

Please follow the steps below to properly pass in the custom field(s):

  1. Take the custom field name from custom field section of the campaign and replace all spaces with underscores 

  2. Prefix the field name with the string "custom_"

  3. Add the resulting string to the parameter list

(EXAMPLES) *Case sensitive

"Pets Name" --> "custom_Pets_Name"
"Drivers License Number" --> "custom_Drivers_License_Number"
"hobbies" --> "custom_hobbies"

Step 5: Duplicating Custom Fields

Once you have custom fields setup for one campaign. You may want to use them again in another. It is easy to copy all of the custom fields from a campaign using the duplicate button in the campaign setup.