You can require a customer electronic signature when checking out from landing page funnels (lander and e-commerce campaigns). The system will create a PDF document containing the terms of service, customer eSignature, ipAddress and signature timestamp. This PDF contract can be automatically emailed to the customer on order completion using an auto-responder or retrieved from the CRM and used to fight chargebacks with card issuers.

Require eSignature

Campaigns with the Require eSignature option checked will require an eSignature for terms of service.

If this option is checked, orders without a valid signature will receive the error "A valid signature is required."

Setting Campaign Terms of Service

You can set the campaign terms of service in the Terms of Service panel towards the bottom of the edit campaign page.

Capturing Customer's Signature

Konnektive Form-Code

Adding eSignature to Konnektive Form-Code

Direct API

The Import Order API takes a data URL signature parameter.

Customer Contract PDF

Terms of service will be combined in a pdf with the eSignature and stored as a file on the customer details page.

Accessing the Customer Contract PDF

Inside the CRM

1) Go to the Customer Details Page.

2) Click the Files tab.

3) Click the download icon.

Download From Order Details

1) Go to the customer's Order Page.

2) Look at the Details area.

3) Click the Download Contract button.

Customer Contract API

The Query Customer Contracts API returns the base64-encoded customer contract pdf file(s) based on order ID or customer ID.

Attaching Customer Contracts to Auto-Responders

You can send the customer contract as a file attachment named agreement.pdf for Initial Order, Recurring Order, All Orders, and Pre-Billing auto-responders.

Check the Attach Signed Customer Contract PDF checkbox and click Update.