1. Log into your Ontraport account at https://ontraport.com

  • Go to the Administration section. Select Integrations and then click "Ontraport API Instructions and Key Manager".

  • Create a new API Key. This will give you the "API App ID and API Key" that you will later need to enter in your Konnektive Ontraport configuration.


2. Create Automations. (If they haven’t been created yet)

  • In your main Ontraport menu, click Automations. Create as many Automations as you wish by following the Ontraport instructions.

You must have at least one Automation in order to integrate Ontraport with Konnektive.


4. Enable and Configure the Ontraport Plugin at Konnektive.

  • Log into your Konnektive Account, go to Admin, then PluginsSelect the Ontraport Plugin image and click Activate.

  • Enter the App ID and Key that you created at Ontraport in Step 1. If you receive an error message it means that you entered the wrong credentials (make sure that you copy and paste from your Ontraport account and remove whitespaces).

  • Click Edit Plugin, then in the Advanced Setup, create Routes.

Routes, link between your Konnektive Leads and your Ontraport Sequences.


In addition to Routes you can add tags to contacts. First setup the tag in Ontraport then update the route created in Step 4 with the tag.


  • You can select your Customer TypeKonnektive Campaign and Product.

  • Your Ontraport Sequences will appear in a drop box from which you can select the Ontraport Sequence you want to apply.

  • You can create as many Routes as you wish.

You Are Done! Your Ontraport Sequences now work with leads provided by Konnektive.