Fulfillment Status Types

The information below highlights the Fulfillment Statuses for any fulfillment created in Konnektive. 

Hold - Order has been placed but has not been sent to the fulfillment house yet.
Pending - Orders that have been successfully sent to the fulfillment house.
Pending Shipment* - A tracking number for the package has been synced from the fulfillment house and is ready to be picked up by the carrier
Shipped - Orders that have been shipped.
Delivered - Orders that have been delivered.
Cancelled - Orders that have been canceled.
RMA Pending - Fulfillment is waiting to receive the returned merchandise.
Returned - The order was successfully returned to fulfillment.
Failed - The order failed to reach the fulfillment house.

Recycled: Auto attempt to resend a Failed fulfillment one time. When the fulfillment fails it will automatically be placed in the Recycled status for that sole reattempt. If failed again record will return to a Failed status. 


*With the CarrierAPI enabled - Rather than marking a Fulfillment as Shipped once a tracking number has been assigned, we are reaching out to USPS, UPS, and FedEx carrier services to get real time tracking information for each of your fulfillment. Until we receive information from one of the above carriers that a package has shipped, the fulfillment will remain in Pending Shipment.

In addition, once we know that a fulfillment has been delivered to your customer, we will mark that fulfillment as Delivered in Konnektive and updating the delivered date to when we received that information form the postal carrier.

The “Tracking Number Assigned” autoresponder will send once we receive the tracking number from the fulfillment house (Pending Shipment status).

The “All Fulfillments” autoresponder will send once we see the order reaches Shipped status.

Manually changing the fulfillment status does not push orders faster. Please allow the tasks to run their course.