Cash on Delivery setup

The COD Order can be located on the Customers Profile Order Details page, after the COD option is selected and the order is processed.

Select CustomerFulfillment from the Navigation Side Bar Menu.

This will open up the Fulfillment Page.

Scroll down to the Fulfillments section and click on the Order #.

This Opens up the Customers Order Details page.

To view the COD Transaction Details Scroll down to the Transactions section.

  • Type: COD

  • Payment: COD

  • Result: COD Pending

  • Response: Payment marked as COD

Under the Transactions section there is the Fulfillments section which list the customers orders.

Notice: The COD order is placed on Hold in our system until it is sent to Fulfillment. When Fulfillment gets the order the "Status" will change from "Hold to Pending".

In the Fulfillments section on the right side there will be a red Actions Button.

When the order is shipped out to the customer there will be "three" Actions to select from.

Click on the "Actions" Button and select from the following:

Mark COD Paid - Completes the transaction after the customers package is Delivered and COD is received.

  • A pop up box will appear, enter in the Delivery Confirmation # received from Fulfillment.

  • Enter in the Date.

  • Click on the Mark Delivered Button to submit this Action.

Notice: This changes the status of the order to "Complete" and the transaction response to "Success".

Mark COD Undelivered - A pop up box will appear, under status there is a drop down with three options:

  • Scheduled for Reattempt - Customer was not available the Shipping Company will make another attempt to deliver the package to the customer. - Order will remain COD Pending. Transaction will soft decline. Fulfillment will remain in pending status.

  • Scheduled for Pickup - Customer requested to pick up package from shipping facility. - Order will remain COD Pending. Transaction will soft decline. Fulfillment will remain in pending status.

  • Declined - Customer declined the order. Order will change to Declined status. Transaction will hard decline. Fulfillment will cancel.


You can blacklist for COD orders only by checking the Blacklist for Cash on Delivery (COD) Only box when you blacklist a customer or create a blacklist entry.