Add and Editing Fulfillment House

Adding a New Fulfillment House

To add a Fulfillment House select 'Admin' and then 'Plugins' from the navigation menu.

  • Once on the Plugins Pageselect the Fulfillment House Listing tab.

  • Inside the Fulfillment House Listing tab, you will be able see all of our Fulfillment Company Integrations.

  • Choose your Fulfillment Company and then click 'Activate'.

Give the Fulfillment House Account a Title to be used as an Identifier within Konnektive and complete the unique fields for that company.

Next click 'Create'.

Some fulfillment plugins may have different checkbox options, such as OmitPhoneEmail.

By selecting 'OmitPhoneEmail', Konnektive will not send your customer's email address and phone number to the fulfillment house. This can be used to stop the fulfillment house from sending fulfillment confirmation emails when you want your Konnektive autoresponders to send instead. However, when this checkbox is selected, your fulfillment house will not receive your customer's information and will not be able to contact them regarding their delivery.

Editing a New Fulfillment House

After the Fulfillment House has been added, it will now display in the 'Enabled Fulfillment Houses' section of the Fulfillment House Listing Tab . By selecting one the the fulfillment houses icons you will see the following options:

  • Go to Fulfillment Co. Website: This will take you to the associated fulfillment house's website.

  • Add Another Account: Add another account for this fulfillment company

  • Assign to All Products: Assign all base products to this fulfillment house

  • Edit: To edit your Fulfillment House Account Configuration, click on the blue 'Edit' button.

  • Delete