Fulfillment Inventory

  • Navigate to Fulfillment → Inventory Report (Or Reports → Fulfillment → Inventory)

  • To add a new stock into your into your inventory charts click the green + New Stock button:


  • A dialog box will pop up where you can input the correct information about your fulfillment house, product SKU, and stock quantity. Once you have entered the correct information click the Create button:

  • Fulfillment House : Name of the Fulfillment House with the stock

  • Product Sku : Stock Keeping Unit

  • Stock : Number of Items in Stock


You also have the ability to add Available Quantity inside your base products (CRM → Products → Edit Product)


The CRM also has a task built out to automatically updateStockQuantities from our largest fulfillment providers. These include:

Rapid Fulfillment
The Fulfillment Lab

(ShipStation does not have this ability on their side)