Testing Fulfillment through Order Entry

After you have added your fulfillment house and assigned to your products, you can test it through Order Entry. Please refer to our Adding and Editing Fulfillment Houses article.

Step 1: Go to the Campaigns Page and add/edit a phone campaign that is designated for testing. Be sure the "List in Order Entry" option is enabled.

Step 2: Add or edit a campaign product and set a base product that is assigned to the new fulfillment house. Set the Gateway to one of your working gateways or create a new DUMMY GATEWAY to apply to the offer (DUMMY GATEWAY will never actually process the transaction).

Step 3: Go to Order Entry and place an order on your test campaign by buying the campaign product that is assigned to the new fulfillment house.

Generally you will want to communicate with your fulfillment house that you are beginning testing. You may also want to set the shipping address as "123 NO SHIP" or something similar so the fulfillment house will notice it is a fake shipping address.


Konnektive generated test card orders will NEVER reach the fulfillment house. Instead, you will need to test using a live card. If the offer set to the DUMMY GATEWAY then no money will actually transact.

Step 4: You will see the fulfillment record in HOLD status. This means the order is in queue to be sent to the fulfillment house, in which the task runs once per hour.

Step 5: Once you see the order is in PENDING status, this means that it has successfully been sent to the fulfillment house. Please check your fulfillment portal to confirm.


If the order did not successfully send to the fulfillment house, it will display as FAILED. You can click the details button next to the failed fulfillment record to see why it failed.