General Fulfillment House Setup

This article will walk you through the standard setup process for our integrated fulfillment houses.

Enable Plugin

Navigate to Admin>Plugins>Fulfillment House Listing to find your fulfillment house. Click on the plugin tile and then click “Activate”

Enter the credentials the plugin asks for. If you have a hard time locating the credentials, please reach out to fulfillment support for assistance. When you are complete, click Create.

Apply plugin to base products

After you add the plugin the page will refresh. If this fulfillment house is fulfilling all of your products, click the plugin tile again and then click the red “Assign to All Products” button.

Alternatively, navigate to CRM>Products to edit your base products and apply the fulfillment plugin.

Place a Test

Follow this documentation to test your fulfillment plugin through your Order Entry page.

Fulfillment Statuses:
Hold: Order placed and in queue to be sent out to the fulfillment plugin (task runs once an hour).
Pending: Order was successfully sent to the fulfillment plugin.
Pending Shipment: CRM received Tracking number from the fulfillment plugin and is in queue to check carrier status.
Shipped: Order has a been shipped, according to the carrier.
Delivered: Order has been delivered, according to the carrier.
Failed: The order was rejected by the fulfillment plugin. See our Fulfillment FAQ documentation for resolutions.

Fulfillment Plugin Exceptions

Most of our fulfillment integrations utilize the fulfillment software’s API to send and retrieve fulfillment information automatically.

There are, however, some fulfillment houses who operate in an opposite fashion. They integrate to Konnektive’s API to pull orders and push updates from their end. These fulfillment houses include:


If you are using one of the fulfillment houses listed above, you will need to create an API user for the fulfillment house and instruct them to use our Order Query API to pull the orders and the Update Fulfillment API to pass back fulfillment updates.