Under Admin → Plugins → Fulfillment House Listing, locate and activate the Amware plugin tile.


clientId - Amware provided Id
clientIdentifier - Amware provided Identifier
facility - Required to send orders to Amware
shipCode - Required to send orders to Amware. By default the integration will use what is set in the plugin setup unless the word “Rush” exists in a product name on the order. If “Rush” exists then “RUSH” will override the plugin shipCode and the “Rush” product will not be sent.
sendBillingInfo - Send the billing name and address info with the order
useTestServer - This setting should be used for testing the fulfiller


By default orders are not sent to Amware with any priority. If a product name contains the word “priority” then the order will be sent with priority. The “priority” product will not be sent.


The plugin setup is now complete and you can proceed to test the integration by following this document: