Shiphero is a fulfillment integration which can be enabled from the CRM by going to CRM → Admin → Plugins → Fulfillment House Listing.

**Note: On 7/31/2020, the REST API version for shiphero will be disabled and GraphQL will need to be used.

A new tile: Be sure to enable the V2 tile:

Select the tile and ‘Activate’ the configuration window will open

You can obtain your access_token and refresh_token from Shiphero

You will have to add third party developer to get access token and refresh token.


Please see the shiphero’s reference documentation here:

Migration Process

  • If you are migrating from V1 to V2, please ensure you enable the plugin correctly and assign all products tied to the old V1 plugin to the new V2 plugin.

  • Once you have enabled the plugin, entered your credentials, and switched the products to run through ShipHero V2 everything will flow smoothly from there.